PressEnter! Acceptable Use Policy

Goals and Purpose: It is the purpose of PressEnter, and of our suppliers and of the Internet generally, to advance education, research, economic development, and public service by providing a medium for the exchange of information.

Acceptable Use: Use that is consistent with these goals is acceptable. Use directly supporting approved uses is acceptable.

Unacceptable Use: Communications that violate state, federal, or international laws are unacceptable. Activities that interfere with the ability of others to make effective use of the network are unacceptable. Using the network in a harmful or harassing manner is unacceptable. If an issue concerning acceptable use is in doubt, the usage should be considered unacceptable until the administration of PressEnter has made a decision. Please note that PressEnter reserves the right, under circumstances that PressEnter deems appropriate, to terminate the account and/or access rights of any client that PressEnter believes is an offender of the Unacceptable Use Policy as discussed above.

All clients of PressEnter are responsible for the communications and usage of this system originating with their own accounts.

Clients are expected to take all reasonable measures, given the constraints of technology and management practices, to ensure that traffic entering PressEnter from other networks conforms to this use policy. Conversely, members and clients are similarly expected to disallow traffic from their organizations that violates the policies of connecting networks that may carry traffic from PressEnter.

Some services from PressEnter are subject to terms imposed by others involved in providing those services, and it is PressEnter's policy that each client observe the same terms. For example, DSL service from our provider may be subject to a notice requirement for cancellation and the same requirement will apply to the client (i.e., if PressEnter is required to give at least 14 days notice to cancel DSL or DSL charges, then the PressEnter client using DSL will give us the same notice).

Caution: While PressEnter is an effective network for its purposes, it is not and should not be considered a secure network, and should not be relied upon for transmitting confidential or sensitive information without first properly securing such information.

The above statements of policy are not meant to be exhaustive. PressEnter is a commercial enterprise. We accept funds from government, municipal, or other public agencies as fee for service, not as grant or subsidy. The administration of PressEnter will be the final arbiter of any policy issue, limited only by applicable law.

There. That wasn't so bad, was it?

You can find additional guidance about using the Internet online at PressEnter, and in many books and magazines available at libraries and bookstores.

PressEnter makes no guarantee, expressed or implied, regarding the suitability of Internet service for a particular purpose or application. PressEnter reserves the right to impose connection limits on accounts.

PressEnter does not provide nor does it charge customers for telephone service, and under no circumstances will PressEnter pay customer telephone company charges.

Version: 20010912