Setting Up an Internet Connection - Mac OS X 10.X

These directions will walk you through the process of setting Mac OS X to dial in to PressEnter.

You'll begin by clicking the "Apple" menu in the upper left-hand corner of your screen.  Select "System Preferences" from the menu.

When the "System Preferences" screen opens, select the "Network" icon.  Make sure that "Show is set to either "Internal Modem" or the correct port for your external modem.  Under "TCP/IP," make sure that you set "Configure" to "Using PPP."  You do not need to enter any DNS Server addresses or Search Domains.

Once you've verified the proper settings are selected on the "TCP/IP" tab, click the "PPP" tab to continue.

Enter the following information:

  • Service Provider: PressEnter!
  • Account Name: Your PressEnter! Login Name (all in small letters)
  • Password: Your PressEnter! Password (this is case-sensitive)
  • Telephone Number: Your local PressEnter Dialup Number
  • Alternate Number:  Leave this field blank

Make sure that you put a check in the checkbox for "Save Password," or you'll need to enter your password each time you dial in.

Click on the "PPP Options" button.  Place a check in the box for "Connect automatically when needed."

Uncheck the boxes for "Prompt every ___ minutes to maintain connection" and "Disconnect if idle for ___ minutes."

Click "OK" at the bottom to close the "PPP Options" screen.

After entering all of the information on the "PPP" screen, select the "Modem" tab to finish the process.

In the "Modem" drop-down, make sure your correct modem is selected.  If you have an iMac, iBook or PowerBook, this should be set to something close to "Apple Internal 56k" or "iMac Internal 56k."  Make sure that the checkboxes for "Enable error correction," "Wait for dial tone" and "Show modem status in menu bar" are checked, that "Dialing" is set to "Tone," and that "Sound" is set as you like it.

One all settings have been verified, click the "Apply Now" button to save the changes.  Select "Quit" from the "System Preferences"" menu at the top of the screen, and you should be set to go.