Setting Up an Internet Connection - Windows Vista

First, open the start menu.

Next, click on "Connect to".

This brings up the "Connect to a network" window. In this window, click on "Set up a connection or network".

Select "Set up a dial-up connection" and click Next.

In the "Set up a dial-up connection" window, enter the phone number your computer will dial. You can find the best local access number by visiting our Access Number Search page. You will also need to enter in your login name, all lowercase, followed by "". Type your password, which is case sensitive. To check your typing, check the "Show characters" box. Check the "Remember this password" box if you want to connect without being prompted for the password in the future.

Type "PressEnter!" in the "Connection name" box. If you have multiple Windows user accounts across which you would like to share this connection, check "Allow other people to use this connection". If prompted, click "Continue".

Then click "Create".

Your computer will test your connection. If it fails to connect, choose "Setup connection anyway".

Your connection will be ready to use once you click the Close button at the bottom.