Web design is about people, not pixels.

Just about anyone can take a website, redesign it, and make it look nice. And, if that’s what you want—a pretty website—you probably shouldn’t call us.

Now, if you want a strategy that turns your idea into reality, a website with purpose that considers and moves people?

You’re in the right place.

Here’s a look into the process that gets us websites with substance:

1. Research

To get you where you want to go, we need to get a bearing on where you stand. Here’s how.

2. Plan

Based on the information we’ve gathered during our research phase, we create a map to move forward and get your idea to its destination: the real world. Get a plan.

3. Uncover your story

What’s different about you? Why will people want to know about you? Why should people even care? This is how we share your story with the world.

4. Build the framework

Your idea and story are the form. During this phase, we create function. A framework provides an organized, intuitive space for people to interact with your business. Learn more.

5. Design

The design of your site flows directly from your story, idea, research completed and framework we built. It’s a natural extension of these processes; it cannot be effectively completed in a vacuum. Your design reinforces and enriches the essence of everything your company represents. Get the details.

6. Develop

We produce the design we’ve created together and share your idea, your story, your message with the world in a technologically superior, seamless way. Find out how.

7. Persevere

We’re not gonna lie: we’re sort of clingy. Once your project is launched, we stick around because we want a relationship with you. We hope you want a relationship, too: here’s why. 

At PressEnter, our process is about people: the people we work with and the people touched by our work.

We look forward to calling you one of our “people.”

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