Build the framework

A firm framework is the vehicle that gets you to your destination. 

Once everyone involved in your project agrees on a direction, we start exploring ways to get you to your goals.

During the framework phase, we focus on structure and functionality and make sure they support the big picture. Building a foundation for design, framework processes are load bearing: they hold up your story and make sure it’s presented in the most effective way possible.

Framework building includes the following activities:

  • Generate ideas about integrating your story online
  • Brainstorm possible information dissemination methods
  • Storyboards
  • Wireframes
  • Information Architecture

Much like the growing root system of a seed, a lot of framework activities occur under the surface. It can get frustrating waiting for the plant to sprout. But, this preparation and internal growth is necessary in order to have a strong, thriving web presence.

In most cases, building a framework can take between two and six months depending on the size of your website, but we can accelerate depending on your budget and needs.

Directly from your story, idea, research completed and framework we built, the design of your site begins next.

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