Plan and Tell the Story

We’ll create the map that gets your idea out of your head and into the world. 

A path to your goals and website success is revealed by the research we complete in phase one. Armed with information, we’re able to establish a direction and plot our course with a clear understanding of where we’re trying to go and who we’re working with.

During planning, we bring research to life, develop your online story, and create a content strategy that makes sense for you. We:

  • Generate ideas, brainstorm, and develop concepts and key messages
  • Develop an overarching content strategy to guide you now and in the future
  • Create user personas, strategies to meet the needs of different user-types
  • Maintain brand focus and ensure message consistency

With PressEnter, your design is never the result of guesswork. We make informed decisions based on good, solid research and create a plan that makes your idea a reality.

Your idea and story are the form. During the next phase, we create function. A framework provides an organized, intuitive space for people to interact with your business.

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