We get to know you better than you know yourself. (Scary, we know.)

When you tackle a project, especially a website, there are a lot of players in the game. A lot of expectations to manage, a ton of goals to be reached.

Before we ever make a single recommendation, we stop. We step back and start collecting information. We'll never know what we need to do if we don't know where we're going, who we're going to be speaking to, and who we're working with.

During the research phase of our relationship, we do several things to prepare us for a successful endeavor:

  • We get to know and understand the people who will ultimately interact with you online through interviews, competitive research, and by asking questions. Lots of questions.
  • We involve all the key stakeholders in the project from day one, and get them on the same page. We keep everyone focused throughout the entire project.
  • We get personal with your current content, and learn what's working and what isn't.
  • We sear your goals and objectives into our brains, and tirelessly work to make them happen.
  • We use our research to guide our future plans and strategy for your online presence.

And this is just phase one.

By the way, anyone who tells you they can design without research is lying.

At PressEnter we do research because it makes you successful. It saves you money. It get you to where you want to go in the most effective, efficient way possible.

Based on the information we’ve gathered during our research phase, we create a map to move forward and get your idea to its destination: the real world.

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