Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the process of designing, writing, coding, programming, and scripting your entire website so that there is a good chance that your web pages will appear at the top of search engine queries for your selected keywords or content.

We have an effective and proven process that will bring you optimal visibility and serious results.


Before we begin your search engine optimization campaign, we'll meet with your team and immerse ourselves in your company and industry. We educate ourselves on everything about your companies goals and capabilities.


We'll do a complete review of your current website prior to launching your SEO campaign. Then, we'll come back to you with an analysis of how well your site is performing against your competitors, so you can make sure you are getting the most out of our SEO services and stay ahead of the competition. At this stage, we address any search engine penalization issues on your website and fix them before the campaign is launched.

Keyphrase Selection

Selecting the right keyphrases to attract targeted traffic is the most crucial element. We bring in professional copywriters who understand the rules of SEO to fully ensure that your copy not only reads well for the customer, but that it also scores well on the SEO ratings. At this stage, our copywriters will review your sites content and submit needed changes for the best overall SEO score.


After we develop a comprehensive plan and our copywriters have reviewed and edited your content accordingly, we implement the changes. We test and verify your website's changes with our SEO software and give you summary report detailing the changes and their effect on your page rank.

Link Building

Once we begin your SEO campaign, we take the time to research your network, industry directories and media outlets that will be beneficial in a link building campaign. This is a critical component in page rank. We work to implement any social media networks you have at this time such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and others that are related to your industry.

Local search marketing is also created at this time. Google, Yahoo, and Bing offer local business directories that target listings based on your visitors location and search. We create and help you maintain each targeted listing to drive traffic to your website each month and help develop a strategy for ongoing promotion of your website.

Another powerful way to build links is through Blogger Outreach. This involves having your important keyword phrases written about by bloggers. In addition to the benefit of having those topics discussed, they will link back to your website with relevant anchor text links.


Monthly reports on the progress of your SEO campaign will be sent to you. We will also add your analytic information at this time. We will also keep an eye on your competitors during this time and report to you how their changes or campaigns may affect your website.


Once per quarter we will analyze your website and give you the opportunity to expand your SEO campaign with additional key phrases. Regular campaign expansions also give you the opportunity to promote new business services or products, as well as addressing under performing business segments. In this fast paced economy, business can change overnight and our search engine optimization services= is designated to not only accommodate such changes, but also to turn them to your advantage.

Interested in starting an SEO campaign? Want to learn more? We encourage you to setup a no-obligation appointment with us to discuss your goals and ideas.

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